Resolving Past Traumatic Events

The brain doesn't distinguish between a memory and something currently happening.

Have you had a traumatic experience in the past that is causing you to make unwise actions and decisions in your life? Does the memory linger in the background pulling your emotional state down? Would you like help letting go of the hurt and fear and anger and other emotions associated with this trauma?

Traumatic events are not easy to deal with. It brings with it very very uncomfortable feelings that we don't want to experience. Our body goes into major fight or flight mode and it stresses our body's systems. 

To survive, most of us tuck the experience away in a corner of our mind and we avoid looking at that "skeleton in the closet".

Unfortunately, because we haven't gotten rid of it, the "skeleton" keeps resurfacing...

Our brains cannot distinguish memory from realty and starts flashing "Danger! Danger!" signals. And our heart starts racing, our hands become clammy, and our anxiety levels sky rocket... And every time we re-live this memory, the more it gets ingrained into our brain patterns.

So, we start avoiding these triggers. We start avoiding meeting people, or going out, or going to certain types of events, or doing certain activities... Our lives become more and more constricted.

And when we do have to face a similar event, it takes a huge toll and energy from our systems. We end up exhausted afterwards. We end up emotionally unbalanced. We end up saying and doing things we regret later on. We do whatever it takes to get the experience over (including agreeing to things we would normally not agree to).

There are several ways to address these trauma. One of them have been proven to successfully treat 86% to 90% of PTSD in US soldiers after 6 sessions, my clients usually feel relief after the 1st session. 

I have personally used this technique to address my trauma from growing up with a narcissistic parent that has been blocking me from receiving love for most of my adult life. It has freed me to enjoy life without the need to "look back over my shoulder".

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