January 2024 Letter

Create your vision for the year!

Our mind is a wonderful thing. It is able to look at things from a different perspective, and come up with new ways of doing things!

Mary Morissey said that everything is created twice. Once in your mind, and the second time in reality. Look at the inventions that once existed in the engineer's mind. Look at your last vacation that started as an idea in your head!

So I invite you, my friend, to join me in this New Year's exercise of envisioning what 2024 will bring. Think of something you could be excited about!! After all, no one plans a vacation that is dull and uninteresting.

Be excited because when we are excited, the mind is more motivated to find ways to get you there! It picks up on opportunities that you've never noticed before. It gets creative... Just look at your kids who are able to find all sorts of reasons why they should be allowed to go and do things they love to do.

Be excited because you will continue to be motivated for a longer period of time.

And once you have an idea of that vision, keep reminding yourself of it every day.

Some people use vision boards. I just write it on a sticky note that I tape to my fridge (so I can read it every time I get a drink or food). My friend, Nany, has a box she fills with things that represents what she wants. Do what makes sense for you to keep your mind focused on that vision.

Don't worry if your vision changes, that's part of the fun: refining your desires. It's like taking different turns along the way. First you're on the highway, then on the main street, then going left and right along the small streets until you reach the beautiful cathedral in the middle of the city.

In Jan 2023, my vision was to do work that inspires me, have lots of free time to spend with my husband, and have a beautiful home and lifestyle. That vision has been refined as the months went by.

In 2024, I'm going to continue focus on this vision. What I want and enjoy doing is getting clearer and I'm figuring out what "free time" means.

What would YOU want as your vision for 2024?

With great affection,

Michelle Skalnik

Ma Vié Belle!