March 2024 Letter

I am not superhuman!

We have been busy this month preparing our house for sale. We had to clean and prep and sort and move things around.

It sounded easy at first. We've planned out the different steps and we were taking them one step at a time. But then, I got to a point of physical exhaustion when I just couldn't push myself anymore. My willpower got sapped and drained. I was emotional and tearful at times.

Indeed research has shown that your willpower can be drained if you continue doing things that don't bring you joy. 

Research also shows that our physical, mental and emotional drain all use energy from the same container. Do you notice that if you are physically exhausted, chances are your emotional resources are also depleted?

This was when The Choice became clear to me.

I have been working on "trusting the universe (or God)" the past year. And I always seem to back track and try to take control again.

But this time, at the end of my rope, I just couldn't take control. It was trust God or break down!

And when I let go, I found that... things went way smoother than I planned! Help came from unexpected places. Anticipated issues were averted. Timing went perfectly. As if the universe knew more than me what factors are in play. :-)

And now that the house has been sold, I continue to leave things in His hands (the universe, the Divine)

Indeed I know now that I am not in the driver's seat. I realize that whenever I (the passenger) tries to take the wheel, we crash. So whenever it looks like we're too close to the curb or moving too fast, I just close my eyes and remind myself that the Driver knows what he is doing. (No, I'm not at that stage of complete trust yet but I'm getting there.)

May your life go smoothly and shower you with wonderful things.

Michelle Skalnik

Ma Vié Belle!