To live, to love and to dream!

Come join me in a beautiful life!

Michelle recovering from appendicitis surgery. Oct 2022

My name is Michelle and I was a functioning neurotic.

I learned early in life to be a perfectionist. I figured if I could control everything so that nothing is out of place, then I would be safe, that I would have the life I wanted. And it worked (to an extent). I graduated first in my class, I received my masters degree in record time, I had a great career and earned a lot of money. But I also started getting migraines, I started loosing my hair, my hormones became unbalanced, I would get sick every winter, I went from one bad relationship to another, and I lived in constant stress and anxiety. 

Externally I was a success, with 25 years in the IT industry leading teams of up to 40 people delivering multi-million dollar projects... But internally my life was empty.

Then one day, I was leading three high priority million dollar projects at the same time, ignoring my growing stress and burn-out, when my appendix burst. I was taken to the hospital for surgery and was forced to stay in bed for the most part of three weeks.

I realized that this is not the life I've always wanted. I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. So I started to listen to my heart, to search for my passion, to find out how to make my life amazing. With a humble heart, I read books and articles, I attended seminars, I joined programs and tried different healing modalities.

I have turned my life around, pursuing my dreams and aligned my career to my passion (Ma Vié Belle!). I have retired from full time work at 47, and we are moving to the south of France to pursue our dream life. I am continually growing my relationship with my loving husband, and establishing a practice of helping others find the life they love! 

I know my journey is still unfolding but I am now in a better place: of happiness each moment, of appreciation for others, of gratitude for what I have, of hope and excitement for what's to come. I am becoming more of who I am supposed to be. I am a better "Me" than ever before. I've cast off my old mantle of care and worry. And I'm learning to trust that... My Life Is Beautiful.

And I want to share this gift of life with you. I waited more than 40 years to find mine. Life is short, don't wait! 

My Life is Beautiful

I don't have all the answers, 

but I do have some good ones.

Your answers may be different from mine, 

and they're inside you.

I can help you look.

My journey is not complete,

but my life has already blossomed.

Come join me in the quest

for a beautiful life.

And maybe we can walk

side by side for a while.

- With love, 

Michelle Skalnik

Photo by John Mccann on Unsplash