Emotional Release

Some emotions we have experienced in life stays with us... It's time to let go.

Do you find yourself constantly anxious? Are you usually frustrated? Are you normally touchy and explosive? Do you experience these emotions on a constant basis? Would you like to release this anxiety, frustration, discouragement, anger and other disempowering feelings so you would normally feel more calm and peaceful and happy?

You see, our emotions are vibrations. Have you felt your body vibrate intensely when you are so angry? Or felt the gentle soothing vibration of peace and gratitude?

Our emotions are also meant to be experienced then let go, to be felt then released.

But sometimes, we hold on to these emotions for one reason or another:

So these feelings stay inside our bodies as vibrations or energies that keep affecting our lives:

Keeping these emotions inside cause us to feel contracted bit by bit until for some, they become like a high tension wire ready to snap. Even without reaching this stage, the vibrations are sending out signals that cause resistance from manifesting the life you would like.

The strength of your emotions can be measured through your heart's magnetic field which can be measured by a magnetometer up to 6 feet away from your body, and by humans all the way across the room, maybe even further. Have you experienced this in a party when suddenly conversation ceases because of "tension" somewhere in the room?

And the quality or frequencies that make up your magnetic field is influenced by your emotions.

Letting go of these disempowering emotions always results in a feeling of expansion. My clients always feel like they can breathe much deeper after the release. 

Past events that have been colored by these negative emotions either fades into the background, or the positive emotions take over and color these memories more vividly... from grey to technicolor. And these events either cease to influence your life choices or take on a different meaning for you.

The process of letting go is like peeling an onion. There are emotions close to the surface that can be released in one session. Then the next layer would bubble up 2 weeks or a month later. I find that my clients first release emotions associated with their current issues and challenges. Then emotions related to their past issues and challenges. Then finally emotions that they have "inherited" from their parents or ancestors. This takes about 4 to 6 sessions to complete.

Clients who had an angry disposition have become calmer. Clients who felt the need to control their surroundings started feeling relaxed. Clients' joyful childhood personalities have emerged, helping them find their true selves and their true strengths.

If this is something you would like to explore, contact me at the email below. We can schedule an online consultation and we can find out if this is a fit for you.