Personal Transformation

There is a bigger you waiting to be revealed. You can feel it inside you.

New offering starting June 2024

Define what you want your life to become.

What would it be like to have the life you love?

When you wake up every morning looking forward to your day...

When you feel that surge of love and gratitude just thinking of your friends and family...

When every week brings new experiences and memories to cherish...

When you sigh with contentment as you drift off to sleep at night...

What would that be like for you? Can you imagine it? Or are you already living it?

We are all powerful creators of our lives. Our thoughts, our actions, our choices can bring us closer to (or away from) the life we love!

Unfortunately, most of us live our lives on autopilot. We let circumstances and those around us dictate what we do and where we go. So we end up somewhere else that isn't exactly where we want to be.

Or maybe, you have been pursuing your dream but have not gotten as far as you thought. Are you moving in the right direction?

I coach people to become more aware of their circumstances and surroundings, to learn to listen to where their hearts are leading them, to realize and utilize their strengths, and to find action steps to get them where they want to be. 

When you work with me, you will find that you have options when you thought you had none, that there is beauty in your life when you thought it was bleak, that you have the strength to carry on and flourish when you thought that it's all over. You will find the person you were meant to be before you learned to hide and limit yourself.

Every one is a precious diamond in the rough, let me help you find out who you are meant to be.

Together we will go through a 3 month program to discover your greatness, find the recurring patterns in your life, identify what's holding you back,  releasing these blocks, and work on acquiring the skills you need to get to the next level of your life.


"Michelle is an exceptional coach, guiding me through six impactful sessions. Her strength lies in active listening, and her unique ability to pose insightful questions from various angles prompts deep self-reflection. She listens well and is able to connect and understand me in a very deep level. The time invested with her was truly valuable and has given me significant personal growth and development. I highly recommend her. The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself." 

-- SB, manager at Microsoft Canada


"Michelle's approach to coaching is highly effective. She is a calming presence, listens without judgement, and provides thoughtful support. The quick coherence breathing technique has helped me when I need a reset during stressful times in my workday in the corporate world and my personal life as a spouse and parent. It is truly remarkable how it can take just two minutes of deep breathing to change your outlook on a touch situation. I highly recommend reaching out to Michelle for coaching, you won't regret it!"

-- AD, partner coordinator at an IT consulting company